How soon can I see results?

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How soon can I see results?

May 2, 2020

The most common question asked of me by my patients is “How Soon can I see results ? “ Majority of us want quick results .

Results in my line of work as a pelvic therapist , comes as improved function and decreased pain ,these are the most frequent measures of progress.If I can sum up the most progress in one sentence it is this “ Persistent constitency “ , that is barring any underlying comorbidities that may affect outcomes . Results are outward changes in the body due to inward discipline of regularly loading the body with the exercises and stretches instructed and resulting in anatomical and physiological changes of improved strength and decreased pain.The pelvic floor muscles are a combination of the slow twitch and fast twitch muscles but nonetheless respond in the same fashion as working the biceps or triceps .

This blog would be incomplete without the mention of the role in the mind in bringing about the results . Positive self talk and believing that the person can achieve their goal is half the battle .Like once said by Wille Nelson.” Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones you will have positive results .” This in turn fuels the persistent consistency and before long results are evident .Let me remind you to celebrate the small victories and to encourage yourself as you march on towards your goal .Write it down and keep of log of your mini successes , these are like the small drops that form the water in the bucket .

Pelvic floor issues generally are chronic in nature meaning they have been many years in the making , It will take more than a mere few days to start seeing results to the prescribed exercises. I recommend exercising patience and keeping at it despite initial failure.

In closing a person who is diligent in doing their exercises may see results in about a week to 10 days .It is certainly a journey and the rewards of which are for those who do not give up . What are the challenges you face in being consistent with exercises ? Please leave your thought sin your comments , any questions are welcome too.