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Was referred for therapy to address incontinence issue following prostate removal surgery. The spreading cancer required additional tissue removal causing unanticipated nerve damage. Dr. Paranjothi helped me to identify and strengthen my pelvic floor muscles reducing the frequency of incontinence incidents. Now, keeping up with the learned muscle control and strengthening techniques has improved my quality of life. The therapy process can be awkward and challenging. But, her knowledge and professionalism made the difference.

David Stewart

Dr. Kavitha is far superior to others treating pelvic dysfunction and pain. Her knowledge, wisdom, compassion and extraordinary skill are why I traveled nearly 2 hours round-trip to be in her care. Another practice in the area offered me a a people-mill experience focused on maximizing billings. Their approach was the opposite of the care and comfort that is needed to build trust when treating pelvic floor issues. Those are just some of the many reasons why I believe that Kavitha is a superior pelvic floor therapist and why I highly recommend her.

Jeanne Male

I was referred to Dr Paranjothi by my urologist for Pelvic Floor Therapy. I had pelvic pain and very painful intercourse. I felt relief after my first treatment, and it only got better! I am so grateful that I was referred to her for help with my situation! Thank you Dr Paranjothi, you have made my daily life so much more pleasant! If you have issues like me, don’t hesitate to contact her for help, you won’t regret it!

Cindy Conrad

I didn’t know what pelvic floor therapy was until I was referred to Dr. Kavitha by my uro gyn. Dr. Kavitha is very knowledgeable, providing education on pelvic floor therapy. She is able to make you comfortable and hold conversation which relaxes you. I am grateful because this therapy has helped with my sciatic and back pain. I recommend Dr. Kavitha and pelvic floor therapy.

Anamaria Stone

Dr Kavitha is way more than a physical therapist. She helped me mentally ,emotionally and physically. As a rectal cancer patient I was looking to improved control after reversal .I have since gone back to an ostomy ,but she definitely helped me get to a better place .Thank you Dr Kav.

Thomas Kaufmann

Kavitha is personable, compassionate and extremely knowledgeable in her field. I suffer from pelvic floor dysfunction and I have never felt better than when under her care. She took time to explain to me her methods and teach me how to continue treatment at home on my own. I would recommend her to anyone!

Jasmine Conti