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Transforming Lives Through Specialized Pelvic Pain Bensalem Services

Are you struggling with pelvic floor issues? Do you feel like these problems are just something you have to live with? At BeWhole Pelvic Physical Therapy, we want you to know there’s hope for recovery and improvement, and it starts here with our specialized Pelvic Pain therapy services.

Why Consider Pelvic Floor Therapy?

Many individuals suffer in silence with pelvic floor dysfunction, which can impact daily activities and overall quality of life. Our Pelvic Pain therapy program is designed specifically for those who need targeted, expert care to regain control and function. This service is crucial not just for those experiencing discomfort, but for anyone interested in maintaining pelvic health, especially postpartum mothers.

What Can You Expect From Pelvic Pain Bensalem Services?

Overview: How Pelvic Pain Therapy Helps
Our Pelvic Pain therapy is a specialized form of physical therapy that targets the symptoms and root causes of pelvic floor dysfunction. Here’s how it can help:

  • Personalized Assessment: A licensed physical therapist will conduct a thorough evaluation of your core muscle strength, endurance, and coordination.
  • Tailored Exercises: You’ll engage in specific exercises designed to strengthen and relax your pelvic muscles, improving both function and coordination.
  • Ongoing Support: Our team provides continuous guidance and adjustments to your treatment plan, ensuring optimal progress and comfort.

Key Benefits: Why Choose Us?

  • Postpartum Recovery: Essential for mothers in the postpartum period, aiding in muscle control, tissue repair, and scar healing from cesarean sections.
  • Enhanced Muscle Function: Improves muscle control and coordination, which are crucial for daily activities.
  • Accessible Care: We strive to increase awareness and access to pelvic health physical therapy, ensuring it’s a viable option for recovery.

Dr Kavitha is way more than a physical therapist. She helped me mentally ,emotionally and physically. As a rectal cancer patient I was looking to improved control after reversal .I have since gone back to an ostomy ,but she definitely helped me get to a better place .Thank you Dr Kav. 

Thomas Kaufmann

Dr. Kavitha is a godsend to me. I came across Dr. Kavitha in a time when I was looking for methods to manage pain and to regain quality of life after a surgery. She is an excellent pelvic health PT professional who takes time to listen to your health concerns and responds with a treatment plan that is customized for you. She is highly skilled with latest and greatest pain management techniques concerning pelvic health. She is very patient and follows up with you in a timely manner to see how you are progressing. I would highly recommend Dr. Kavitha to anyone who is seeking physical therapy for pelvic health conditions. 

Jency Thomas

FAQs About Pelvic Pain Therapy

Does it hurt?

Our therapies are designed to be as comfortable as possible, with adjustments made based on your feedback and comfort level.
What do I wear?

Comfortable, loose-fitting clothing is ideal to allow ease of movement during your sessions.

What if I feel too uncomfortable during a session?

We prioritize your comfort and consent. You can pause or stop the session at any time.

Meet Our Specialist

Kavitha Paranjothi, Owner, PT, DPT, PRPC:
Our lead physical therapist, Kavitha Paranjothi, brings extensive expertise in pelvic floor therapy, ensuring each patient receives the highest standard of care tailored to their specific needs.

Ready to Start Your Journey?

Take the first step towards improving your pelvic health today. Contact BeWhole Pelvic Physical Therapy or visit us in Bensalem to schedule your consultation. Let us help you live your best life, free from discomfort and limitations.

About the Author

Kavitha Paranjothi is a licensed Physical Therapist specializing in pelvic floor disorders. With years of experience, Kavitha Paranjothi is dedicated to enhancing patient quality of life through innovative and personalized therapy strategies at BeWhole Pelvic Physical Therapy in Bensalem.