How to get rid of Incontinence

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How to get rid of Incontinence

May 3, 2020

Urinary incontinence is a very common but not a normal experience seen in both males and females .As a mother of 2 and a pelvic specialist I speak from personal experience. The solution to overcome this and live a normal life again ( and yes it’s possible ! ) is so simple that most of my patients when I teach them this technique respond saying “ That’s it?” . The key lies in the doing and being consistent with instructions given.

Bladder control is a complex synchronization between the brain and pelvic floor .Urinary incontinence generally is seen in people with weak pelvic floor , characterized by frequent urination “ just in case “. Normal duration between urination ranges on an average from 2 to 3 hours .

Applying the following technique which my patient’s report about 90% improvement in their symptoms when being constient .

When you feel the urge to use the bathroom to urinate .

  1. Question yourself :”When was the last time I used the bathroom ?” If it was 30 min ago , you have probably not formed enough urine to justify using the bathroom and the urge is because you formed a habit.See if you can hold off for a little bit longer .The urge usually subsides .
  2. After attempting to postpone the bathroom use for as long as you can comfortably and when the urge gets stronger , practice 5 quick contractions of the pelvic floor either sitting or standing .
  3. Proceed to the bathroom , but walk no running or hastening to the bathroom at all.If in mid walk you start to lose bladder control , stand wherever you are and perform 5 quick pelvic floor muscle contraction , and 5 deep breaths . The urge should subside adequately to safely reach the bathroom .

The loss of control can happen in any stage of the journey to the toilet including even when undoing the clothes to be positioned on the toilet , at that time stop and do the 5 quick contractions and 5 deep breaths and this will not allow the pelvic floor to relax prematurely.

There may be times when you are not successful but do not give up , another chance is coming soon! . Incontinence usually is years in the making so be patient with undoing all those years .If there are no other underlying comorbidity ,this technique I found to be very effective in retraining your bladder. Let the bladder know you are in control of the bladder and that the bladder is not in control of you.You got this .! You can start practicing as soon as you finish reading this .Please share your thoughts in the comments section of my blog .