What is Wholeness and Why Pursue Wholeness ?

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What is Wholeness and Why Pursue Wholeness ?

May 12, 2020

Definition of Wholeness: A thing complete in itself, or comprising all its parts or elements.

This is the first and an introduction in the series to explore the deeper meaning of wholeness, the practical aspects of it and the importance of wholeness. I started to become sensitive of what wholeness is the older I got and started to focus on the deeper things of life, you know the things of lasting value and things that really matter. Whatever you see is temporal but what you cannot see is eternal. 2Cor 4:18

Have you ever been in pain ? Be it physical or emotional ? I have more times than I would like to. I hated that season of pain, oh how I wished that the pain would go away and my tears would stop! but in hindsight I see my greatest growth came in this season of pain. Growth, be it my faith or new heights of emotional fortitude, was birthed because and in spite of pain. The next time painful season rolled around I sought to seek the life lesson hidden in that for me.

It is impossible to avoid pain.especially emotional pain in this life, so my response to that has been to be a whole me, the highest and best version of myself, content in who I am and in my purpose on this planet. Thus started my journey of pursuing wholeness and helping people in my circle of influence to in turn also be whole and this is the reason my blog is named be whole creations. I desire to help people be whole in all their being , not just the physical body but mind and soul as well.

Brokenness is the opposite of wholeness and is rampant in our current society, Brokenness leads to sabotage of relationships, careers and ultimately a dissatisfied and unfulfilling life.

The turn around to seek wholeness comes when

  • One has reached the end of themselves.
  • Desires to live a life that is different from their current and seeks to improve their lives.Seek and ye shall find .Mt.7:7

In the next post I will discuss some practical steps towards wholeness. I would love to hear from you, your life experience and your thoughts on being whole. Please share in the comments below.